Welcome Everyone

I offer a humble Welcome to Everyone

Over the last month I have had some very life changing events. I almost had to have emergency exploratory surgery due to perforated ulcer on my intestinal track. I had to make some life changes such as I cannot drink alcohol anymore. It has been almost two months since I have drank and I feel really good. Prior to my hospital visit I was drinking anywhere from 6 to 12 beers a day. Not only was this causing a health issue internally but also destroying my relationship with my wife and family.

I have learned that alcohol and me is not a good combination because it turns me into something that I am not as-well as it was harming my body. This site is going to be dedicated to my journey in weight loss and making healthy decisions. I also will be supporting my wife more with her diet as she needs a specialized diet due to her auto-immune disorders. She means the world to me and I want to help her as-well as myself.

Although I am a social worker in more ways than one I have not been following my own advice. Until you help yourself you cannot help others. Although I was very supportive of my wife I was not always supportive of her diet which will help her feel 100 times better.

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