Who am I?

Greetings my name is Robert and currently I reside in Maine.  I have been married five years now.  There have been ups and downs; however, she is a wonderful person who has put up with my shit. 

I am a case manager for the Office of Aging and Disability Crisis.  I have been working for the State of Maine for almost 8 years now in various positions. 

I have many hobbies, one being computers and servers. I run multiple servers which occupies my time. I also enjoy playing video games. I play mostly offline games as I do not have the time to play with others due to life. 

Why blog? I suffer from PTSD and really need to get my thoughts out. I think that writing is therapeutic, and I hope to be able to express myself through writing.  

My Beautiful Wife

My Beautiful WIfe Erica

What can I say about Erica? She has a beautiful soul in tune with healing energy.  Erica and I met at ESM as case managers who work with individuals with Intellectual disabilities and autism. I have known Erica for about 10 years and we have been married for 5 years now.  

Erica suffers from multiple autoimmune disorders.  She is often very tired as she currently works part-time as a community case manager.  Erica would give the shirt off her back to help someone. She is a very caring and loving person. Although I am very biased “lol”. 



This blog is really for me to be able to get my thoughts/ideas out instead of holding them in. I thank you for visiting my page. I hope to have content other than my ramblings.  This is something new I am trying.  I just realized that I have owned this domain for a couple of …